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Why become a member?

There are many reasons to become a member of The People’s Channel. The first, and the one that is all too easy to lose sight of, is the fact that membership gives you the satisfaction of being part of a community of folks who care about local media and are dedicated to helping each other make the best content possible. It’s our members that give The People’s Channel its flair, its vitality, its very purpose. Consider becoming a member today.


Of course, there are also plenty of tangible benefits to becoming a member of The People’s Channel as well:

Becoming a member of The People’s Channel gets you your very own weekly time slot on public access television. You’ll reach an audience that’s excited about keeping up with locally produced content. Our stations are included on Time Warner’s program guide, so the name of your show will have the opportunity to catch plenty of eyes.


Members of The People’s Channel also get access to our full lineup of class offerings, including high-definition camera certification classes, lighting workshops, and a full array of editing tutorials. These classes do come with an additional one-time fee, but once you’re certified on a camera, you may rent it for free for the duration of your membership.


Members also enjoy free use of all our computers and editing software — Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, DVD Studio Pro, and more!


And finally, members have free access to TPC’s studio for their productions.
Use of TPC equipment and facilities is subject to the restrictions posted on our Rules and Regulations page and other restrictions that TPC may deem appropriate to its mission.