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Submission Guidelines

Submitting Programs

Starting November 1, 2018, programs must be submitted as a digital file, either through Google Docs, Dropbox, or on a flash drive. Each program should be in a separate file with the name of the show or an abbreviation of the name as part of the file name. The file name should also include an episode number (if your program is a series) and the air date, if you know it. Episode numbers should start with 101 and increase from there.

To submit a file through Google Docs, create a Google Docs folder to contain your program files. When you post a file to the folder, share the file with Carson Riedel (carson@thepeopleschannel.org) or the programming manager (programming@thepeopleschannel.org). Google Docs is the preferred way for submitting programming.

To submit a file through Dropbox, create a Dropbox folder to contain your program files. When you post a file to the folder, share the file with Carson Riedel (carson@thepeopleschannel.org).

Program Encoding

Your program must be encoded with one of the two methods described below. Note that clicking the file links below will display the file contents. To download the file, after clicking the link, move your cursor to the upper right corner of the window and click the 3 dots:

This will open a menu from which you can select the Download option:


Option 1. TPC Media Encoder Setting for Adobe Media Encoder.
This is a preset for Adobe Media encoder. Download the file “TPC Media Encoder Setting.epr“. Once you have downloaded the file, drag and drop this into Media Encoder’s Preset Browser window. After you send your sequence to Media Encoder, drag this setting from the User Preset & Groups tab onto your sequence in the que window. Set an output destination by clicking on the blue highlighted text of your output file name and then verify that the name is appropriate as well as the destination where the output will be sent. Hit enter. Finally, click the “start que” button (green triangle) and let it run.
Option 2. TPC Compressor Setting for Apple Compressor v4.3.2. or Newer.
This is a setting for Apple Compressor v4.3.2. or newer. Download the file “TPC Compressor Setting.cmprstng“. Once you have downloaded the file, drag the setting into Compressor. It will appear under “Custom” in the “Settings” tab on the left. The file name must be: TPC Compressor Setting.cmprstng . Check to see if your browser modified the name by adding “.xml” to the end of the name. If so, remove the “.xml” to leave the “.cmprstng” at then end. Once you’ve made sure the file name syntax is correct, you can drag and drop the setting into the “Settings” tab of Compressor. That will add the setting under the “Custom” category at the bottom of the settings list.

Program Content

Submissions must have zero seconds of black before the first frame of your show and must have zero seconds of black following the final frame of your show.

Your show must contain identification and contact information – preferably at the end.

If your time slot is 28:30, your show must not exceed 28:30 and must be at least 20:00.

If your time slot is 58:30, your show must not exceed 58:30 and must be at least 45:00.

Any show produced with TPC’s equipment must carry the following acknowledgment in the credits: “This program was produced through the facilities of The People’s Channel.

If your show contains material that is inappropriate for children or may be offensive to some viewers, it must carry a disclaimer for a minimum of 15 seconds at the beginning. Programs longer than 28 minutes must carry the same disclaimer for 15 seconds within each subsequent 30 minutes. This disclaimer must appear in text and spoken form, as follows:

The following program contains material which may be inappropriate for viewing by children and young people, or may be considered offensive by some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. The content of this program is solely the responsibility of the producer and not that of The People’s Channel, its staff, or its board of directors.

Video File Specifications

The video file specifications are as follows:

  1. 640×480 pixels
  2. Pixel aspect ratio of 1:1.125 (this will squeeze the 16:9 image into a 4:3 frame size)
  3. MPEG-2 video compression at 9-11 Mbps
  4. Frame rate of 29.97
  5. Rec. 601 color space (that’s standard definition color space)
  6. Close GOP (Group of Pictures)
  7. GOP size of 15 frames
  8. GOP structure of IBBP
  9. Color encoding of 4:2:0
  10. Audio needs to be “MPEG-1 Layer II audio” stereo at 48kHz.