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Can I really use video equipment for free?

Video is our primary medium at TPC, and we offer our members free rentals of 4K/HD camcorders upon completion of our camera certification class. Make a talk show, documentary, music video, or whatever you’d like! As long as we can broadcast your production on one of our channels, the rental is totally free, and you’ll always have ownership of your content.

I want to make something! How do I get started?

The process is simple: Come to orientation; sign up for membership; take a camera certification class; borrow the equipment for free, shoot and edit your show, and then submit it for broadcast. To set up and orientation session, just give us a call at 919-960-0088, and we’ll schedule a time for you to come in at your convenience.

I’ve already made something. How do I get my show on the air?

We’re generally glad to air your previously made content, provided it doesn’t contain advertising, hate speech, extreme profanity, or pornographic material. You’ll submit your content by uploading it to Google Docs or Dropbox. Series programs need to be specific lengths, but one-time shows like events, documentaries, or short films can run up to two hours. Just call our Programming Manager at 919-960-0088 or email programming@thepeopleschannel.org to learn about the details.

Can you shoot or edit my show or event for me?

Yes. We have a production services team you can hire to produce, direct, shoot, and/or edit for you if you’d like. Whether it’s a performance, public service announcement, research video, or corporate-style video, we’ve done it all, and we do it for very reasonable prices. For more information, contact our executive director, Carson Riedel, at 919-960-0088 or carson@thepeopleschannel.org.

What is public-access TV?

In the United States, public-access TV is an alternative system of television that originated as a response to disenchantment with the commercial broadcasting system. Public access was created to provide a free-speech forum, open to all on a first-come, first-served basis, without discrimination or favoritism based on content.

What is the difference between TPC in Chapel Hill and TPC in Durham?

TPC-Chapel Hill is the public-access TV station and community media center for Chapel Hill on Spectrum Channel 8 and in Carrboro on Channel 4. TPC-Durham is the public-access TV station and community media center for Durham on Spectrum Channel 18. Both stations have the same staff and same policies, and you can be a member of one or both.

What are your membership fees?

Yearly membership rates:

  • Individual: $75
  • Organizational (up to 6 people): $175
  • Educational (up to 15 people): $375

See our memberships page for more information.